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Senin, 06 Agustus 2012


Elina  And  A Snake

            Long, long time ago lived a poor and nice orphan. Her named was Elina. She worked in Maria’s house, a rich woman. Maria had a daughter named Mayang. They always asked Elina to work hard. Sometimes, Elina didn’t got enough food but she helpless because she didn’t had any other place to stay.
            One day, when Elina wash her clothes in a river, she saw a big snake swimming toward her. But, she didn’t run because she saw the snake bleed. She felt pity for the snake and brought it home.
            Then, something strange happened, a piece of the snake’s skin removed. Amazing, the skin changed into gold. Every day it remove and always changed into gold. One day she sold all the gold and it made her rich. So she didn’t work for Maria again. Then she bought a big house and brought the snake to stay with her.
            Maria and mayang was very jealous, and then they went to Elina’s house and they saw her was healed a snake, they throught the snake gave the wealth to Elina. Afterthat, they went to the river. Finally she saw a snake but they didn’t know the snake was poison. And the snake bit her. So they were died.
            Meanwhile, the wounded snake in Elina’s house was heal. Amazingly, it changed into a handsome man.
            “Thanks Elina you healed me. Actually I’m a prince who was cursed by a witch to change into a snake. For your kind heart, I want to marry you. Will you marry me? Said the prince and he sang a song.
            “I will be, all that you want, and get myself together, coz you keep me from falling apart, all my life, I’ll be with you forever, to get through the day, and make everything okay.” The prince sang. “Once again Elina, will you marry me? Asked the prince. Elina only smiled and nod her head. Finally they married and happy forever.

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